Incorrect sample rate for USB to Toslink S/PDIF with CD playback

I am using Volumio Premium (ver 3.378) on a Raspberry Pi4 with a USB to optical Toslink adapter (Hifime UT23 – USB to Optical SPDIF converter) to play CDs from my Sony CD deck. The problem is that the audio is choppy in that there is a regular brief gap every 1s or so. When I look at the current sample rate used by the USB to optical adapter under ‘/proc/asound/RX/stream0’ I see it is 48000 which I guess causes the playback problem. If I use the adapter under MAC-OS, Windows or Linux on any other machine it works fine and the sampling rate shows the expected 44100 sample rate at which CDs are encoded. I tested Volumio on a PC instead of Raspberry Pi and get the same problem. Conversely, if I use the USB to Optical adapter on a Raspberry Pi running Raspberry Pi OS I can play CDs without problems and the sample rate is 41000. The obvious question is how can I manually set the sample rate of the USB to optical interface to correct rate? The only way seems to be to write some form of script as indicated in the Volumio documentation ‘Plugin System - Custom ALSA Contributions’. Since I am not familiar with java scripts I am unable to figure it out myself and would appreciate any help or suggestions.

Under playback option, you can set re-sampling to 44.1 kHz

Thanks for the suggestion but I tried that and it did not help

I did come up with a clumsy fix. If I ssh into volumio I can execute a simple script that directs the Opto-USB in directly to the audio out (arecord -D hw:2,0 -f cd - | aplay -D plughw:5,0).