Improved library index / search

I am new to Volumio, and playing music from computer files is also a new departure for me. I am using Volumio with the IQaudio DAC+ board on the Pi. At the moment I am about 30% of the way through the rather tedious task of transferring my collection of 500+ CDs onto a NAS drive. I am quite impressed by the sound quality, playing via my Quad Hi-Fi and electrostatic speakers BUT, I have a big problem with finding specific recordings in the library. The problem is that the items are arranged by performer. This works fine for pop music but it works very badly for classical and not very well for Jazz.

Can I suggest that the library is given a menu allowing for selection by “artist”, “album” or “composer”. In fact iTunes also allows selection by Genre or Song which I guess may be helpful on occasions.

Selection by artist usually works for pop music, but doesn’t work for classical
Selection by album works fairly well for most things providing you can remember the name of the album
Selection by composer is generally the best choice for classical recordings, though there can still be problems finding a specific item
Selection by genre just narrows the field a bit - could be helpful
Selection by “song” can help, though it produces a huge list!

I hope this is helpful!