impossible to select usb port for my first configuration...

Hi, I’m all new user and I have lot of problems, thank you for your help.

  1. On “volumio.local”, my audio out is USB and I can’t select it (only “Cheapo Audio Jack”, or “HDMI audio out”, or last “Cheapo S/PDIF” on 2 lines… why ???

I have a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital with an audiophile USB cable connected to the USBridge and impossible to select it…

Thank you very much

Vincent Darras

Hello again, i answer to myself, i’ve not plugged pro-ject DAC on 220v, now that’s okay (before my USBdrive the pro-ject had not 220v, the USB port of my macbook air was sufficient).

I’ve another question : the DSD music is jerky… USBdrive cannot manage this type of BIG file or can I change my settings ?

Thank you so much :wink:

Hi Vincent,
I presume you are using the latest Volumio image version, correct?
Have you tried the Pro-Ject connected directly to another USB port of the USBridge?
Any difference?

Another suggestion, as this concerns the USBridge, is I move this topic to the DAC section, OK?
This is where the Allo people also answer if anything particular pops up with the USBridge.
The Pro-Ject / USBridge is not a common configuration, they might be able to help.

thank you for your answer, finally I’ve choose “DSD on PCM” to the options all works fine, sorry for disturbing :smiley: