Importing NFS share music library takes for ever ...

Hello everyone,
I have been a fan of RPI based music since the beginning of Raspify, and using Volumio ever since its first release.
I love what it does for me and my music collection.
Now i am not gonna say my collection of music (most flac, wave, ape) is huge, but I admit, with 8Tb, it probably has quiet an important size.

And ever since the first volumio, i had troubles there.
Indeed, it takes ages to update this collection into Volumio.
So, since monday 10:15 i have set up volumio 1.5. And since then, it is “updating” my collection. Its now middag, Sunday. And it isnt finished yet.
I must say, it has always been this way with Volumio, ever since the first version of volumio. though i must say, i have the impression that since you guys added the “librery” feature, it seems to me this got wors.

What realy suprises me, is that this isnt happening with the “competition”, read Rune. There, to my suprise, this collection is entirely updated in in less than an hour from scratch !
So i am realy disappointed with this.
If there was an issue with the collection itself, why does the competition have no problems with it ?

I give you guys some info about my system.
Volumio runs on a RPI-B, setup with an hifiberry-dac. This combination stays on 24/24, is connected to my pre-amp, and reads in the collection by wifi.
The collection is located om my server, who is on 24/24 also. The collection itself is divided in logical folders like /highquality/classic/composer/disk … i am sure you get the picture. So no real huge subdirectories. The server itself is a 8core with 16gb of ram, and runs a minimal system based on ArchBang sharing his resourses by NFS.
In volumio, I can actually browse my NAS, and i can see, that at this moment, my collection isnt complete, its not even sorted alphabetical. And its updating since monday. The volumio"library" stays on the wheeling “updating” and isnt showing at all. This is the same if i select it as “tab” in the settings.
I so really wanna solve this, but i am quiet confused why i never had this problem with the “competition”, what makes me wonder if my collection is at the origin of this problem.
And i dont really wanna stop this import job, cos it just might be, it is almost finished now :slight_smile:

Any help and idea would be much appreciated here, ty in advance