Import the same album twice with two different formats by marking it

Hi Everyone,
In my external hard drive I have the music library in aiff format.
I have available a version in DSD format of the live in Pompeii by David Gilmour and I would like to keep in volume both versions of the album (aiff and DSD). however, I would like them to be separate and with the different name, Live at Pompeii (for the aif version) and Live at Pompeii DSD (for the DSD version). is it possible to do this? How so?
Many thanks in Advance

Separate album folders, then use the Album tag to differentiate them in the Volumio interface.

Album folders are two different and separated, aiff album in ( David Gilmour folder )
DSD album outside all folders.
But how can i change album tag for DSD files? Could you help me step-by-step? I think I only did this procedure using itunes
Many thanks in advance

not related to your request, but it’s an amazing album! I was there in pompeii in 2016, one of the best concerts of my life

Assuming you’ve got access to a PC, download and install MP3Tag

open 1st folder and change what you want, rinse and repeat on the 2nd folder

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