Implement an Autostart Function in Volumio 3

Please implement an Autostart Function in Volumio 3! Thanks in advance.


Thanks, now your request is on the list, devs will evaluate and answer.

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Hello all,

I am also wondering the autoplay plugin is not available in volumio 3 anymore. It’s quite essential for my wake up radio :sleeping:

If any workaround possible or if I can help to test this function, please let me know.

Thank you for all the years volumio starts my day :relaxed:


Please have a look at Volumio 3 Plugin migration status

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Thank you. I am happy to see that the request is already in the list.

What is the difference between “autostart” and “autoplay”? Maybe the development team can save resources and combine in one addon.

If you start your raspberry and volumio it will start or play the last played song, station etc. Name it autostart or autoplay it makes no difference if it works! :grinning:

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The Autostart plugin is from the same author Thomas Dörr as the Autoplay plugin.

Autostart is the newer plugin.
I tested it in v3 and it is working without error.

@devs: Could you please upload it into the v3 plugin store.

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It is not the dev team’s responsibility to upload community developed plugins to the new store.
This is a task for Thomas Dörr, please contact him directly.
Let the devs concentrate on locating and fixing Volumio bugs.


ok - i understand.
I guess this way we will have to wait a very long time or forever - who knows if all community devs are still active ?
I will try to contact Thomas.

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Well, good thing is that most(all?) plugins new and old are open source with permissive licenses, so anyone can reach the author and if he’s not interested in maintaining the plugin anymore, someone else can continue the work.


Yes, that is a possibility and likely to happen with some of the really popular stuff.

Hi Josef,
any news to the autostart plugin? This Plugin is needed for my Soundcheck comparings!
kind regards , jens

It’s been only 2 days, when someone said he will contact the author, I’m sure we will be informed, once there is some news to tell.

If you are in a rush, the source code is available, just modify it to your needs.


Hi Jens,

i hope you are fine :grinning:

unfortunately- no answer from the author until now - i fear he moved to an other system and will not maintain the upgrade…
but hope does never die….


Hello @Josh2000

How did you install the plug in on volumio 3?
Just copy to the file system and it works?

I am already back to volumio 2, but if this works I would give them a second chance. Without autoplay volumio is useless for me. :frowning:


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Guys most plugins work fine on Volumio 3 - the ones that needed more work, have already been ported by balbuze and the rest.

So, if you can’t wait for the plugin to appear in the new store, just manually install it!

This would also help devs understand what just needs repackaging for the new store vs actually source code changes to work again…

Have a look at the plugin migration post from me to figure out how to install your favourite plugin while you wait for it to be officially available…


I manually installed the autoplay plugin. Works fine with volumio 3!
Thank you!

I manually installed autostart plugin and it works well. Just needed to find how to download it. If someone else has that topic, here is the command:
There is an installation guide for gpio plugin here:
Upgrade to Volumio 3 - GPOI plugin missing - #2 by M1ck
I did it accordingly.


Thanks - as the plugin autostart for me also is essential, I managed to install the autostart plugin by your info above. It works on my two installations, but on both now the logo of the radio station is no longer displayed? See picture: volumio-autostart|690x228

Your download-link and the instructions using ssh worked for me like a charm.