iMic: hardare volume controls bass boost!

after installing Volumio I found the hardware volume control to be already selected and to work, but at 100% sounded too loud to be true, so I disabled volume control. When I activated HW control again, I found that volume controls (just like in RaspyFi) the basses, not the volume!
What should I correct and where? I have no experience with ALSA (or what you are using).

I have the exact same issue.

Weird fact: this is my 2nd install after i screwed the first time up. initial try I didn’t have this issue.

If i set the playback device to system volume control works, but I would like to use alsamixer to pump up the bass a bit

Which DAC do you guys use?

griffin iMic

Step 5

Hello please Check out here. I found a Solution for the topic:

  1. "Hardware Volume Knob controls Bass Boost and
  2. Too much Bass after reboot because alsamixer bass boost is enabled by /home/volumio/

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