.img corrupted

I tried to download VOLUMIO in two different systems.
Once I’ve got the .zip I’m unable to mount the .img.
I’m working with Windows 10.

You don’t need to mount it. Read the instructions on the download page

Same question.

The instructions say to use Etcher to install it on an SD card. This is not what you would do for an X86 install.

The .img file is all we get. What do you do with it on a PC? MD5SUMs match.

Or are we supposed to boot off the SD card?

Use etcher or win32diskimager to flash the .img file to SD Card or USB drive (or even directly to the hard disk you want to use… if you know what you’re doing). Then boot from SD or USB from BIOS. Simple :wink:

Yes, too simple. I’m not going to devote an entire PC to this :laughing: I guess that’s why Raspberry Pis exist! Or a small X86 SBC, I suppose.

Anyway, it’s running great on a Pi 3b here.

I think the first poster was thinking (or hoping) it could be installed as a program under Windows.