I'm new here

Hello, just started with Volumio. Decided to get a R Pi for a christmas project to see what it could do in the music world. I love listening to music have both a set of Slim Devices players (can’t bear to call them Logitech!!) for most rooms playing MP3s from a QNAP NAS and a couple of Linnstreamers for lossless playback, one as a reasonable Audiophile system.

Originally started with the idea of seeing if a Pi could replace my fantastic but aging and failing Slimp3s on its own. This worked out fine, but the analogue audio is not good enough quality.

Then to my delight I found RaspyFi now Volumio and I moved on to DACs with USB to I2S and and I2S DAC from DIYINHK. This is what I am trying to get working at the moment.

I’ve also ordered a hifiberry I2S DAC as that looks perfect to make a slimp3 replacement.

I’ve also just soldered up a cheap class D amp from ebay to practice my soldering skills and I quite fancy building a nice valve amp setup. No idea why, but perhaps I’m wondering how close I can get to my Linn/Naim setup with DIY soldering and a R Pi!

Right back to the current challenge. Can’t get volumio to connect to the music on my QNAP.


welcome :slight_smile:

For the technical issues I suggest you start a dedicated thread in the appropriate forum :slight_smile:

Thanks indeed for the welcome.

I got connected and it works well if a little unpredictable. So need for a tech thread atm :smiley: