I'm new here

Hello Guys,

i am new here, i have tried to install Volumio on several SD-Cards without any success … so i am totally frustrated not to have Volumio running on my PI 1 Model B with a PIFI DAC Board on it …

Hopefully i got some hlep here … many thanks in advance yours


What problem you encounter ? writing problem ? booting problem ?
Which system do you use to write your Sd card ?
for instance on a linux computer, do a df in console, insert your card and redo df. Note the name (/dev/sdcx)
In in the folder where is the Volumio img type

sudo dd if=volumio1.55.img of=/dev/sdc CAREFUL remplace sdc by YOUR sd card name because everthing on the designed device will be erased!
When finished, insert in your PI and power it. You’ll see blinking led. After about 60sec a welcome sound… and from a other device try to connect to
http://volumio.local or to IP adress from a android smartphone.
Hope it will help… :wink:

HI, thanks for your reply, a colleague of mine made a new sd with Volumio on it :slight_smile: i’m a happy camper NOW !
I am now able to play around with Volumio, what is a nice peace of work , chapeau !!!

Now i can see if all works fine for my sacd collection … thing the high resolution with 512 wont be played … so far i am glad now !

Thank you !