I'm looking for the i2s dac with better bass (subbass)!!!

Hello everyone, I’m in a new project (two-channel active speakers with two i2s dacs, one of them for frequencies below 200hz and the dac philips tda1541A from 200hz to 20,000hz).

I would like to know your opinion about the dac that has better subbass/subwoofer.

It is possible that the i2s dac of which the most subwoofer has heard is Allo Boss, I wanted to know your opinion. Very important that it is i2s and in a single pcb, the system is going to be quite complicated as for Allo Katana type solutions.

Best regards
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Cool idea. Are you using MiniDSP to get the two I2s streams?

200Hz…bass is very directional up that high. You are crossing from a full range to woofer or two subs?

I wonder if you will run into any latency or phase issues running two different DACs. I guess you’ll be able to add time delay with your DSP if needed.

You have a nice DAC. If you want to keep your system in the Philips multibit family, you have some options with TDA1387.

Heck, if you want EXTRA bass, the Audiophonics board may be your jam. It has an analog filter on the output that corrects the NOS treble rolloff and also boosts a couple dB below 100Hz. A DIYAudio member simulated the filter using part values found on the board and posted the resulting frequency response curve. It isn’t too colored but it certainly has some thump.

Boss has been praised for having bass slam, but in my rig, it struck me as balanced and neutral.

If you take an amplifier or a DAC with DSP inside, you can adjust the equalization for each channel, and optimize the frequency response for the low frequencies going to the subwoofer (cutting high frequencies), and vice-versa for the other speaker.

The amplifier I selected for this project has that feature