iHeart stream playback info

I enjoy using Volumio2 with iHeart streaming, but the player doesn’t show nicely formatted current playing information. When I used Clementine, the information was presented nicely.

My favorite iHeart radio station seems to use 2 stream IDs. One has the embedded title of hls with a suffix of ‘.m3u8’. The other has an embedded title of Shoutcast ending with ‘_icy’. Both work equally well for many days continuously. The Shoutcast is nearly readable.

(Classic Rock) examples:
LINK: c3.prod.playlists.ihrhls.com/4426/playlist.m3u8
I SEE unformatted currently playing information.

LINK: c3icy.prod.playlists.ihrhls.com/4426_icy
I SEE formatted(readable) current playing information that needs some minor parsing.

I provided the links so you can see. If you need screenshots, just let me know.

The above links are not longer valid
classic rock is now: iHrt Classic rock

I stumbled across a YT video about using the Network, Developer tab in the browser to fish it out.