IHeart Radio Streaming

Hello, I am new to Volumio. I built it using Raspberry Pi and so far I love it. I was able to find stream for all of my favorite radio station with the exception of one that only streams it via iheart radio. Is there any integration or plugins under development to be able to play stations from IHeart Radio. I tried to find the stream for my station but it seems to be hidden. The station is Q104.3 in New York City. Any advice how to find the stream would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello again, after a lot of Googling and trial and error I found how to do it. Please read the link below and look for the post that beings with: It has changed yet Again, none of the wireshark solutions, or searching for certain texts in the inspect tab of chrome/firefox helped, but I figured it out

How to get stream link for iHeart Radio


You can use it to make your own home automation system, play games, control robots, or even run a web server.

I have one Radio Station wich does not work about the search function.
So i search for the web stream adress and but it in manually about „my radiostation“. But i do not know if this work for you


Is that for Podcast?
There is. an Plugin for Postcasts which you can test. Maybe that helps


You can download iHeartRadio for free from Google Play by clicking here. Here is a list of every iHeartRadio app. By typing “iHeartRadio” into the search bar, choosing iHeartRadio from the list of results, and selecting Install, you can find iHeartRadio on Google Play.