Ignore .Cue files, Replay Gain, UI Suggestions

Mixer Selector Toggle in Volume Area/Player Area.

  • I have to turn off Software Mixer to None to play DSD and having to go back to settings to change this becomes tedious.
    Replay Gain
  • This is a must for any audiophile
    Ignore .cue files
  • Unless I am missing something, having an option to “Hide/Show” .cue files as well as any other file type or folder in directories would be a nice way to cleanup the track list view

List view for Browse>Home section and Re-arrange Browse>Home section Icons/List
Save View per page (list or icon)

  • This currently changes every page when you toggle between List view or Icon view. It would be great to be able to choose either list or icon and save for each page. Ex. Albums (Icon), Artist (List)
    Volume header for every page
  • Volume can only be changed on the Playback page so if I am browsing really deep into a collection but need to change volume I have to go back to Playback Page. It would be nice to have a Volume button similar to the Mobile layout in the header along with the Playback buttons when not in Playback Panel
    Add Album to Playlist and Queue in … Dropdown