id3 tag cover

Hello everyone

As a volumio user i realized that volumio album art isn’t the song cover from the id3 tag but the cover that volumio finds from internet (web albumart) as a resort some times finds a wrong cover

Is there any reason for that ? how can i make volumio identifies and displaying my covers for every song from mu id3 tag that i am having on every song


The album art is primarily drawn from a local file in the same directory as the music files.
There are file size constraints (under 2 MB or similar), and it must be named folder.* or cover.*
where * is jpg or png (I think).

So I use a 500px x 500px folder.jpg image file in each album folder and it works very well.

As far as I’m aware, the only artwork sourced from the internet is the new Artist images which appeared in the last few version updates.

first of all i wanna thenk you for the fast reply

i know that if i make a folder for any album and put the cover inside of it volumio can access the cover file and display it when a song from the album plays

but i don’t want to do this , i want to have all my songs with covers without creating a single folder for any song i have

is there any solusion to make volumio does that?

in addition is there any solusion to make volumio automaticaly exports jpeg files and paste them in the correct direction withat the use of manualy rename every jpeg to the song title

also can i change the web path that volumio searces for the cover file

it would be a good idea for update to make volumio get the covers from the song tags

thank you verry much