"Icon" - view in browse tab

The first menu in the browse tab would look really estetical and professional if it was layed out as icons instead of a list.
Probably best to have it optional because it might not work out on all devices (especially if my enhaced tags options where implemented).

/Palle. :smiley:

Do you mean a grid view?

Yes, I guess you could call it that.
Similar to the album view.

What about allow the user to choose between a set number of grid sizes (X times Y), and allowing for scaling relative the display orientation and resolution.
First of all it would be more esthetical (and professional) compared to the current list.
With varying “icon” sizes it could accommodate more choices (when adding the suggested more flexible tag options).

If possible you maybe could make the icons configurable as well, allowing the user to select themselves (I’m sure the community soon would provide a great selection).

Unfortunately I have no web design or coding skill…