I am trying to get the IAN CANADA FIFOPI ULTIMATE Reclocker Module (HAT) with RPi3B+ working with Volumio. I used several device selections in the output menu (from Generic I2S to HiFiBerry Digi+ and HiFiBerry DAC) but It keeps producing mono sound. The right channel is missing, and the left channel is played back on both speakers. If i use another input of my DAC, the sound is as it should be. The same if I install RoPieeeXL (ROON) on the RPi SD card. So it must be a software compatibility issue. Does anyone know which driver I should use in Volumio? Or is a dedicated FIFOPI driver in the development pipeline? Thanks inadvance!

Kind regards.

I use the same card on a RPI4 with a I2S HDMI transmiter (from Ian Canada too). It works fine with the I2S generic driver with PCM files and DSD DOP64 for both channel. Have you looked at the different setting options ?
Cheers, Flifli

y try to use the same config of you but nothing .
can you help me please
y want to see the physical connection to RPI (do you use any power or cable)

y try on ropieee XL and volumio

Hi Chris,
I Have not tested the Pi3B with FifoPi with Volumio since my I posted, so I do not know if this issue still exists. I switched to RoPieeeXL for this setup, which is working very well. But since you can’t your setup alive with either which software, there must be another (additional) problem in your case.

There are no other physical connections between to the RPi other then the 40-pin GPIO. You definitely need power for your FifoPi, otherwise it won’t work! I included a link to the user’s guide, which explains the connections required. The FifoPi is powered over J5 (3.3-6V). You can power the RPi over J3 (5V) on the FifoPi instead of the mico USB on the Pi. This will provide cleaner power to the Pi. BEWARE TO CHECK POLARITY ON YOUR POWER CONNECTIONS!!!

I attached a pic of my config in my “AudioCreative BerryStreamer” and a scheme of the connections for power and I2S signal. I hope this will clear things for you, and that this may help you get it working!

Cheers! Marco

Hi Chris,
I gave up with the RPI I2S bus, too many problems. Now I use the USB connection to an USBtoI2S card and then to the FifoPI. A little more complicated but it gives you way more freedom.
Regards, Fifli

since yesterday I have an ian canada isolator II and an Ian Canada FifoPiMa 1.5 reclocker and can confirm that it works fine with volumio system version 3.416, you have to select the Hifiberry DAC+ Pro in playback option mixer type.

in this configuration the isolator II must be in master mode and you can use the clean 3.3 volts of the FifoPiMa v1.5, the isolator needs no voltage.

ian canada isolator II jumper settings master mode
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