Any stable i2s support on BBB when using Volumio?

etc: Botic Linux driver by bbb.ieero.com

I am new to Volumio, maybe this has already been implemented -please advise.

Yes, also interested in explicit i2s and DSD support on the I/O lines.
Support for External dual clock inputs for native sampling of 44.1k and 48k based frequencies.
Happy to guide the Dev team further with detailed specifications if this can be considered

Just to clarify, can be any suitable device. No just BBB

Concept diagram :slight_smile:

Dual Clock Audio.png

+1 for BBB I2S with option to feed clock to BBB to allow all sampling rates.

See background here:

hifiduino.wordpress.com/2014/03/ … for-audio/

Greg in Mississippi

Yes! thats what i want,i wanna build a module for bbb

Yes, what VBB said - count me in.

I’ve previously downloaded and installed Volumo on a Raspberry Pi with a HiFi Berry DAC. It functioned well as a UPnP renderer but sound quality was, shall we say, ordinary. With the inherent audio limitations of the RPi I’ve moved onto the BBB. The Twisted Pear Audio Botic driver being developed by ‘miero’ over on DIY Audio looks excellent but seems to be tied into the Botic hardware to some degree, and it lacks the nice interface that Volumio offers. Volumio with a generic functionality (I,e, not dependent on a specific BBB cape) similar would really move into the audiophile top drawer. What do you think?