i2s or usb dac

Do you use an i2s hat, or a usb dac with your device?

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Purely out of curiosity, what is the ratio of i2s to usb DAC users? 7 day poll. If you select ‘other’ then please let us know what you are using.

Edit. Hmm should have had an option for both … please use ‘other’ if this is the case, and add a comment.

I voted i2s, since that is my preferred system (Kali/Piano). But, I also have a Dragonfly USB system that I use in my classroom, a HiFi Berry Plus (i2s) that I maintain for my parents, and a cheapo USB DAC that lives outside for verandering and hammocking.



But also tried USB and in my opinion the SBC used is a major factor in deciding what to use. And offcourse the quality of the DAC used.

One of the most important factors is where the ‘timing’/clocking is done in the chain and USB can be beneficial to do this at the best please near to the D/A circuitry.

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my “other” vote means I use HDMI and an external DAC.
HDMI has a i2s inside, but it is not the “direct” i2s bus of the RPi.

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I use them both:

USB with Mini86 and ipurifier2 on my reference system
I2S DACs in my studio, where I don’t need DSD Direct and I just want great musical sound

DAC via USB from Tinker Board. May also solder on the Tinker Board SPDIF out.