I2S DAC config on setup


I am a new user to Volumio and need help with the initial setup. I am using the Allo Digione + RPi (3B+) as a network streamer via Spotify connect. My amp (Audiolab 6000A) has it’s own internal DAC.

My question is: upon initial setup in Volumio, there are two options to set the output configuration:

  1. Option A - select the Output Source (in my case ‘Allo Digione’) and then switch the I2S source to YES and select ‘Allo Digione’ OR
  2. Option B - select the Output Source to ‘snd Allo Digione’ and select the I2S source to NO.

Both options A & B give sound output but option A appears much better. Which is the correct configuration for my equipment?