I would like to cancel the subscription

Hi, I would like to cancel the subscription but to know if I will keep the service until the end of the year, because MyVolumio does not show the expiration date!

I state that the audio quality of Volumio is good but I hope the system improves a lot … so I wait but, “at the moment” I find it too useless compared to any Google Audio or audio streaming.
-It has no “Cast” to broadcast from an audio service source.
-I have to enter an articulated menu to look for the same service that they already offer directly: Qobuz, Tidal, Amazon Music etc. … with the simple “share with Cast”
-There is no Amazon Music HD … absurd
-Volumio has video output but not YouTube … LOL
-The worst thing is the menu, it has no cognitive logic, I can’t save albums or find tracks, make playlists and compare them with the source of the services … it’s crazy, the Volumio menu causes me “nausea” … I can’t understand it.
-I am looking for a solution in this community but I only read problems.

I hope it improves a lot because the idea is good but, for the moment I would like to guarantee to “cancel the renewal” until the deadline.


Hello @Nettuno,

I think it is unfair to complain about things that Volumio has never advertised as being capable of…

For Amazon Music HD, the problem lies with Amazon, not Volumio, for not releasing an API that would allow developers to write a plugin for it. There are only a handful of devices with Amazon Music integration: Bluesound, Sonos, some Denon AVRs… that’s about it. They all have specific arrangements with Amazon that have allowed them to integrate Amazon Music into their products which, by the way, run on their own proprietary systems. Volumio is an open-source project (well, mostly open-source) that can be installed on a wide range of hardware. For now at least, Amazon Music doesn’t seem to think it worthwhile to open up its API to these kinds of project.

As for the YouTube plugin not being able to play videos… well, Volumio is an audio player from day one. A plugin will not automagically add video-playing capability to an audio player LOL. If you want to play videos, get a media player like Kodi / LibreELEC. By the way, the YouTube plugin is not an official plugin by Volumio, but written by me to provide another source of audio for its users (and I am not part of the Volumio team).

Now, I would have to agree with you about Volumio playlists / favorites. The implemention leaves a lot to be desired, and there are many things in Volumio that can be improved or fixed.

The point is, if there is something that was advertised but is in fact broken or missing, then it’s absolutely fair to complain (whether it’s a paid feature or not). For things that are missing but simply on your wishlist, then raise them in the forums or, if others have already mentioned them, express your interest in those threads. This will at least get the devs’ attention, although I would rather see them spend more effort in sorting out the existing issues or provide more help to users in the forums.

Just my 2 cents.



I 100% agree Patrick ! :ok_hand:

In fact, I’m not complaining,
I think the audio is excellent and the idea of Volumio good!
I have only mentioned objective facts for which I want to cancel the subscription to avoid automatic renewal under these conditions!
I would like an answer to my question to continue following Volumio with the hope of improvements:
Since MyVolumio does not indicate the expiry date of the subscription, I would like to know if I cancel now, when is it interrupted?

Ciao Nettuno,
feedbacks are always welcome. But as the other guys stated, integrating services is not under our full control… We had a call with Amazon and Deezer to integrate their services , but they never followed back…

Also, what is really useful is if you could tell how you would like things, more than that you don’t like it. Example: I would like to create playlists by clicking on a menu etc

You can find the expiration date in MyVolumio by clicking on “EDIT”, you will see all infos about your account. Due to how our payment processor works, if you cancel you are loosing your subscription now.
So I suggest to put a reminder on your calendar few days before expiration, so you can cancel it.

Thanks for the help…I’ll wait for the deadline.

I use Google Audio which is obviously very practical; I subscribe to the X service or with my NAS, send to GoogleCast and “end”, listen to the music in my Hi-fi system, … it’s simple!
So I tried to improve my system, I was undecided whether to buy the new “Cambridge Audio CXNV2” or try the vaunted Volumio considering the cost and development of a new system.
I must say that Volumio is very pompous but also very immature and, as far as I can understand the ongoing development, the Memu is not logical. ex.
If I try to save an Album from Qobuz it asks for the name of the Playlist that doesn’t go to the Qobuz menu (assudo) but goes to a Playlist on the Home that plays music different from the selected Playlist (okey is a Bug) … then I try to use “Favorites” but, if I go to the left menu in Favorites it is not there! (Nettuno keep calm) … is it in Qobuz? My Album? …no…is in My Tracks ! ! ! (i’ts crazy)
I have tried several times and believe me, I have been a computer system engineer for over 27 years and I have never found so much confusion in a menu; … I understand, Api, Youtube, can wait, I see a great future in Volumio and I hope it will improve a lot but I just want to listen to good music without going crazy.

A greeting … and thanks again