I wish I was thrilled about this

I downloaded and installed the latest version on my Raspberry Pi and I must say that, although I appreciate the effort put into this, it is not a very usable product. I am linking to my files via a Samba share. More often than not the screen will go blank and I have to restart the system. It locks up and the WEB I/F becomes unresponsive. It also only seems to have only one playlist. The ability to build, save and edit multiple playlists is a pretty basic and necessary music player feature that this player does not have. And, management of the one and only playlist is non existent. There is not even a clear all button. The audio player part of this device may yield good quality, but the ergonomics and user features make its use a frustrating experience. Please let me know when this has evolved into a more serious product. Right now it’s a pretty limited and amateurish effort. :unamused:

:laughing: of course this is amateurish, man we also got real jobs! :laughing:

There are plenty of third party clients available as well, which could work better for you.
Give a look here:

But you may be thrilled by sound@home android app… https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digx.soundhome
more info here: