I want audio only on HDMI, no video, to avoid screen burn-in

Hi, I am running Volumio on a RPi3 connected to my LG OLED television. When I select the HDMI input on the TV for Volumio I get sound (yay!) but I also get a static black screen with bright white text on the TV showing the “ascii art” volumio logo and a bunch of tech details, like IP address.

At some point that’s gonna burn in (OLEDs are susceptible – see OLED TV Reliability: Burn-In & Lifespan – Get The Facts | LG USA ).

I want to keep the audio going but I want to kill the video out. Black text on a black background would be okay, too. The webGUI is fine for controlling Volumio, and I can ssh into it for messing around. I don’t need the TV displaying that static image.

How can I disable the HDMI video signal without killing the HDMI audio signal?

Thank you!

Depending on the model, this might be what you want.

You can install the plugin “touch display”.
1- it can display volumio UI on TV
2 - you can set a screen saver (screen off).

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Thanks! My LG TV doesn’t have the setting shown in the video, but the “touch display” plugin solution works perfectly.

hello. on volumio2 i installed vbetool; then edited /etc/rc.local and added BEFORE last line (the one with exit 0) the following command:
/usr/sbin/vbetool dpms off