I paid for virtuoso but cant get quobuz plug in.I thought it was included in the price

This is a community forum, for support specifically with myVolumio, e

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mail techsupport at volumio dot org!

Hi elamar, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

Virtuoso provides support for playing your Qobuz audio files directly through Volumio. In a similar way, there is also integration with Tidal & Spotify paid for services. However, you need to subscribe to the service in order to use the integration.

For official dedicated support contact techsupport at volumio dot org .

I reinstalled vol3 and it works. I don’t see fusion dsp

With a small search… FusionDsp for Volumio3 beta - #2 by balbuze
Still beta!

Volumio’s abilities are enhanced and extended by the use of plugins: this allows the user more control over and personalisation of the Volumio experience. Have a look at Volumio Plugins Collection to get an idea of what is availiable, but please note that this list was originally for Volumio 2. Plugins are currently being ported across to Volumio 3, and you can see the status of this process at Volumio 3 Plugin migration status.