I need to reboot Volumio WAAAAY too often! Please HELP!

I have to hard reboot (disconnect power) Volumio WAY TOO OFTEN! I have done it I think 150 times or so. After a day it becomes unresponsive. No webinterface, no SSH, nothing works, until after reboot all is fine. For a while. I find this really frustrating! Tried Moode and it stays up rock-stable. What is the problem with Volumio? At a certain point even a reboot did not help, it stayed dead. I downloaded the latest Volumio and flashed it. All works perfect. One day later: it’s dead again. It’s not WIFI, I have hardwired ethernet and a fixed IP adress… Please help!

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: latest
Hardware: RPI2
DAC: Allo Boss 1.2

I have set “automatic IP” for the moment. It’s just a feeling…

Big chance you have solved it with that