I must be a complete boob or something.

Well obviously others are having no trouble getting this to work but I sure am. It takes a bit of fiddling just to get it to play. Sometimes having to reboot a couple of times. Even when it is working it behaves oddly. If I change a setting then it will change something else as well, like if I change the max volume level in the settings it will revert back to “hardware” for the volume and nearly blow my ears out. After only a short while it starts to get more difficult to get music playing.I start to get “failed to activate audio output” messages. Eventually it just quits working all together.

Well I can tell you that although I believe Volumio is awesome, it is still an open source project which will sometimes have little bugs…

I’ve had to flash the image a couple of times, which helped tremendously, but some small issues still exist. For example I’m not able to adjust the volume at all. Luckily this is a minor issue since I’d like to control volume on my receiver to prevent sudden volume peaks :wink:

Thats one of the things I really want to work reliably. I want to control it from my sofa without having to worry about getting up to change the vol. I am using a chromebook right now so I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the bugs. I will try reflashing the card as you mentioned.