I just want to listen to my music.

Hi all,
Firstly, thanks to all that have helped me with trying to get Volumio and Spotify working. Now I know that this will be controversial but what the hell. I just want to listen to my music. I don’t want to jump through hoops, take a degree course in Linux or spend ten minutes trying to play a track.
I am the wrong side of 50 with not a lot of time left. I started with computers with a zx81* and have risen to the lofty heights of a Ryzen 1700x, Crossfire Hero VI, 2 Gtx 970 sli etc. As my topic suggests I want the technology to be transparent, not as muddy as soup. I am not interested in How it gets there, just that it does. I did finally get Volumio working and even managed to get some of my Spotify playlists working but through it all I am hampered by a seconds glitch in every song I try to play. Whether from my usb stick or Spotify I regularly (almost always) get a stutter step of a second when the next song plays. I don’t want or shouldn’t need to have to ask for assistance as to WHY it won’t play, or appear a newbie, noobie?, when things don’t work! All this week while testing my Allo Boss Dac I have been troubled by these inconsistencies with the Volumio app. I am sure the Fanboys will say “You are not using it correctly” but what does that mean? It ain’t algebra or Fourier transforms I just want music. I was once part of the audiophile crowd but soon realised that they were more interested in the mechanics of it (funny that, I am a qualified mechanical fitter, CEGB) rather than the music. I’ve been sober all week and that isn’t good. I can’t afford to pay for beer just to waste it. I do not wish to take anything away from the Excellent work that all the developers have done, it is sterling work and the added interest to get Spotify working is also commendable but it ain’t plug and play.
So long and thanks for all the fish.

I know this means not a lot but I include it 'cos this is what comp folks do!
*Phanteks Enthoo Primo, Asus Crosshair Hero VI, Amd 1700x, 16gig Corsair Dominator Pro, 500 Gb Nvme Samsung 970 evo, 500 Gb Crucial ssd, 3Tb Seagate HDD, Bespoke hard tube PETG(hand formed) watercooling, Xspc Raystorm Pro.Logitech G19 keyboard, G700 mouse.Acer P235h monitor. Otherstuff!!

Hi, my experience (I also started with ZX81), Spotify works very well using the Volumio Spotify Connect2 plugin, this allows you from Spotify to redirect the audio output to Volumio, you forget about Volumio, you only use the Spotify interface, a wonder.
In a hard much more humble than yours, the music stored on a pendrive connected to USB goes like a punch, both flac 192/24 and DSD.
The Allo Boos DAC is a marvel.
I never had problems at the beginning of the songs, delay and that, no idea what can be.
I improved much the general operation using more developed power supplies than the common ones, now I feed with an independent linear source for the DAC and for the Rasp of more than 3Amp each one.

We’re working very hard to get everything work out of the box.
The main issue is that there are countless of combinations of hardware\network\dac\third party services that we must take into account. Sometimes edge cases fail us.

It would be interesting to know more about your setup so we can understand what went wrong in your case and avoid that the next folk with need to stay sober yet another week