I have a usb dac that goes to sleep. I want to cycle the power bus on the usb ports to wake it up

I’m using a Rpi4B with 8Mb ram , latest ver of Volumio3 and an AFD-1200 usb dac.
It works great and sounds gorgeous until the dac goes to sleep. If I un-plug and re-plug the usb cable, the new V3 handles enabling the dac again flawlessly now, much better than older versions which required me to mess around in the playback options. I have tried using uhubctl to cycle the power to the ports but although it reported power off/on, it didn’t seem to be really switching it off as a usb fan I had plugged in just kept on going. Installing this utility via ssh also messed up playback, so I had to do a fresh install of latest volumio to get working again. Is there something I’m missing,(apart from an expensive dac) and is there an easier way to do this. Does anyone else have a similar problem?

Can only think of one option, as the rPi has no power management on USB, as far as I know. So the suspend is done by the DAC.
run a script to bound the USB ports with an interval close to the autosuspend time of the DAC. Hopefully this will keep the DAC alive.

echo ‘1-1’ | sudo tee /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usb/bind