I get Volumio on my phone, but not on my destop

Volumio works on my Raspberry Pi 2B & Hifiberry DAC+ Pro.
But when i go to the volumio, it works accurate on my phone but poorly on my laptop. On my phone it shows the playlist and playback correctly. On my laptop it doesn’t show anything playing on the playlist and plaback screens, not withstanding a song is playing (tab Browse), that works).
Does anyone know what is wrong here???

Try volumio.local/

You need to invoke the bonjour service on your desktop. I guess your phone is an apple device?

In case this does not work, what browser and what version do you use?

the extension depends on your home setup. Some use .local others use .home or .mshomenet
Try connecting to the IP, works perfectly for most.

For me it was the other way around: phone did not find //volumio but has no problems when addressing to the IP. If you fix an ip for the pi, this should make things much easier. Just bookmark and you’re there.