I did it again - my 3rd volumio project Loewe-Opta Magnet

Some Time ago I get a old Tube Radio without function. So I decided to build it new with volumio. It is a Loewe-Opta Magnet 735W.
First I am removing the old parts:
Here are the new parts:
The old Radio was a 2.1 Sound System - so the new too. The woofer get a new bass reflex case. And the old “magic eye” now is the bass reflex tube illuminated by a amber-LED.
Amplified by a chinese 2.1 Amp. The Bass/Treble and Volume control are full working.
Here are the Parts I needed:

  • Raspberry Pi3 Model B with 16Gb SD-Card
  • 2.1 Amp-Board (China)
  • 5V Power Supply 2A
  • D/A Wandler Muse Mini USB DAC
  • 2 Stk. 10 cm Speaker McGee 100/100D
  • Woofer Dynavox 13 cm DY131-9A
  • 2 Stk. bistabile Relais-Module (China)
  • Trafo 2x 12V 50VA EI 66/34,7 212
  • 2 Stk. SMD button
  • 2 Stk. 4mm/6mm Shaft coupler
  • Poti 47 kOhm log stereo 6 mm

Case with Speakers:

“Keyboard” and control:

Rear view:

If you want to see more look here:
bu4.eu/bastelprojekt-loewe-opta-2-1-volumio/ (german)

Nice build !
This is the kind of DIY I really like !
Wish I had some useful electronics knowledge but I’m afraid i’m more of a “Woodman” and my constructions are without soldering and diagram.

Found this below on an add and I have some urge to convert that into a combined Player and Bar Cabinet (Will take a look at it this weekend)

Good project. When I was a kid my father used to repair all these old radios, and there were loads just thrown out. What a waste because they were really built as pieces of furniture rather than our modern consumer electronics.

What a fantastic project! I’m still yet to find the perfect item for my project, I’ve been to every junk shop and antique shop I can find and nothing has been suitable.

That is a beautiful old radio. Very tidy conversion job too as I’m listening to a lot of internet radio.

I’ve been thinking of doing something similar, I’ve just got to source a suitably funky radio.
Time to visit some junk shops this weekend…

Very nice!

I had the same idea but the SABA Meersburg W5 3D which I got was in a perfect condition both from the inside (tech) and outside.

I‘m using the TA input of the device and built a little adapter to connect it to a HifiBerry DAC inside a Raspberry Pi Zero W running Volumio 2.

This way I can still enjoy the warm tube sounds of this wonderful radio.


Two years ago I did a similar project, bought a ‘not working’ tube-radio. Cleaned it up and gave it an upgrade.

PHILIPS B3X81U (1956)
Raspberry pi Zero 1.3
Adafruit MAX98357 I2S Class-D Mono Amp
Original speaker
Edimax Wifi dongle
5v power supply
2x rotary encoders
2x small light bulbs
1x red led




It has a nice warm sound, perfect for day to day use.

Kind Regard