I can't play 44.1kHz file

I have a bit of a problem with Volumio 1.5.

After I install the image I have no problem playing files in any bitrate or resolution however after a while something changes and I couldn’t play the CD quality 44.1kHz and DSD files without setting the resampling in the MPD config section of the user interface.

The high res files always play without problem.

I have tried to reinstall volumio several times but the same happens every times.

I really would like to hear the files without resampling thus loosing some SQ.
I could live with resampling the CD quality files but I surely don’t want to resample the DSD files.

I am using a Cubox-i feeding my Jolida Fusion 3502 amp through a Yulong Sabre DA8 DAC.

Thanks for your kind help.

I use a CuBox-i with 1.5 with 1) Schiit Audio Bifrost Uber DAC; 2) Bel Canto mLink USB>SPDIF adapter to either the Bifrost or to a Bel Canto C7R integrated DAC/amp. I play lots of CD rips (44.1/16 PCM). No problems whatsoever. My hunch is that your DAC is picky about sources, maybe because of USB configuration (USB version, connection type, …), so you might want to borrow a different DAC to check. I don’t use DSD so I can’t comment on that.

Thank you for your suggestion.

You think that the DAC can be OK with certain files for a while (both 44,1kHz CD rips in flac an apple lossless and DSD) and then suddenly can become picky?

I would rather think that it is a software issue but you never know.

The other problem is that it was OK with earlier versions of Volumio.

Sorry if I resume this thread, but I saw bpecsek having my same problem, and I’d like to check if he managed to fix it.
I’ve got a YULONG DA8 DAC with MPD, was working for a while and now refusing to play anything different from 24/96 and 24/192.

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately I haven’t got any help from the forum and still have the same problem.
I have to up-sample the cd quality files to 24/96 or 24/192.