I can't hear anything via DAC


I bought this kit


“IQaudio - DAC Bundle Kit (SKU: DACBUNDLE)”

After I assembled all things I started the pi. The software runs well… I can hear musik if I use the audio port on the raspberry (audio jack).
But if I change these settings I will not hear anything:

I2S DAC = on
DAC model = R-PI DAC

=> Output device = R-PI DAC

Has someone an idea what i can do?

Best regards

for your dac, use “Iqaudio DAC plus” as output.

Thanks for your help.
Unfortunately, after i changed the DAC model i can hear something over the Headphone Socket, but not over phono connectors. .
Other ideas?

Do this, disable I2S DAC. Click Save
Navigate to playback options , enable i2s dac, select IQAUDIO DAC Plus , hit save and reboot

you should have sound now

let me know

Thanks for your help!

But i can not hear anything.
In the meantime i bought another analogue cable (2x cinch 3,5 <=> 2x cinch 3,5). the result is the same… no output.

Can I test the phono connectors?

I use a Iqaudio dac for 2 years with tons of test and miscellaneous version of volumio. This is a really well supported DAC. So I wondering if your hardware is ok? Have you already heard something with the same hardware? (RPI, PSU ?)
Check with alasmixer is not muted.

@ balbuze
I have the feeling that the hardware does not work correctly.
I have another Pi 3, with this model I had the same problem. No sound via phono connectors.
Where can i find the alasmixer, in which menu?
I am going to buy another IQAUDIO PI DAC+ board. Then i will see which component is not ok.

Best regards

You need to connect via SSH, type alsamixer, find the IQAudio card and find the mixer , if it has a MM symbol on the volume bar is muted, press M to unmute it. Let us know

i opened the alsamixer… see attachment.
There are these characters; “00”

Both mixers are not muted. OR?

from the ssh console try

speaker-test -Dhw:1 -c2 -twav
Can you hear a sot voice saying “front left, front right” ?

Phono connectors:
I can’t hear anything.

Headphone Socket:
I can only hear static which moves from the left side to the right side and back, but definitely no voice!

I think the hardware has a problem… Yesterday i ordered a new Pi-DAC.

to test with rpi output, you have to change a bit the command :

speaker-test -Dhw:0 -c2 -twav

speaker-test -Dhw:0 -c2 -twav
the headphone output at RPI 3 is working correclty.

speaker-test -Dhw:1 -c2 -twav
the headphone output at PI DAC is working correclty.

neither with the first command nor with the second command the phono connectors are working.

What are you connecting to the phono/RCA output; an amp or active speakers?

It is an aktive speaker => see attachments