I can't download the image from the site


I will download the image on rpi4 but when i click download,The site is don’t working.

No problems to download now, try again!

Are you using chrome? If yes, can you try using firefox?
We’re working round the clock to fix this issue

Ok, i will try

It worked, thanks for help.

Still the same issue. Using Windows 10 and Chrome. However right-click on the button and opening a new tab works a charm.

When I try to click the button it seems the pop-up tab in the background simply closes to soon?

Just solved the issue. A recent update of Chrome mandates that all links shall be https, otherwise they don’t open.
Now also the image downloads link are on https, so it shall work just fine.

Plese let me know if that solves for you

Checked and works

Thanks and enjoy Volumio!

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