I cannot enable all plugin

Hi there new use here…
I bought on ali express aoide dac ii with raspberry pi 3b with a case.

I put there last update of volumio (because theyre dac is not supported on official volumio)

Raspberry pi3 b
Aoide dac ii
Volumio version 2.389
Wi-fi not with cable

Everything work well for playing music that is on my external hard drive.

I downloaded spotify connect and spotify. ( I have a premium account)

I install it, but I can’t enable it. I try with my pc and with my android phone
I goes with a screen that search and 5 second later goes back to the menu of volumio with nothing enable.

This is on my pc before enable

This is when I want to enable it

This is when I want to see if it enable

This is on my android phone when I want to enable whatever spotify connect, spotify or you tube

I try reaching u geek… they tell me that this version is for pi3b+

Can some one help me!!!.
Sorry for my English I am french.

This is the conversation with u geek


So you use a custom version of volumio, right ? Not sure in this case we can help you with a problem that not occurs on the official version…

So can someone had the aoide dac II to the original volumio???