I can very rarely save favorites

I have been using volumio and now myvolumio on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. I can very rarely save favorites of any kind. Basically, I’ve only been able to save a few songs to my favorites. This issue includes locally stored music files on either USB or NAS and also Tidal tracks, albums and artists. I am currently running myvolumio system version 2.522. Does any one have similar issues or aware of a fix?

did you take a look into some log files in Raspberry / Volumio?

I am also having this problem…

when I add radio stations to favorites they dont go into favorites any ideas please


You should take a look to log files …

grate answer why don’t I just google it…

wait I did and it brought me to this tread…

Still no solution for this…?? :question:


Radio Stations are saved under “Web Radio” -> “Favourite Radios”. You should be able to find the ones you have added in there

I have the same problem (I think), I can add new web radios and add favourites to, but when I reboot the RPI, personal stations in “My Web Radios” and “Favourite Radios” disappear.

Have someone the same issue?


RPI 3 B+ - Volumio 2.632 - Virtuoso Plan

PD: the file volumio.log don’t show any error

Can you send me a log after you restart?
Do this:
volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … oting.html
Then paste the link to an email to “support at volumio dot org”

I will help you from there :wink:

Thanks, log sended