Hung Up in Startup

Or its indexing the whole external hdd that is around 500gb of music? The small circles turn around in a loop

The thing that bugs me off is the hdd’s led. It is alight but it doesnt flicker.

Any ideas whats the problem? Or is this a problem at all :slight_smile:

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Could you please explain your problem better? Which device do you have? What do you do to get to this point?

I have an Odroid c1+ and hifi Shield and it was working for nearly a year with v1.55 installed.

Then installed V2 and it was working too.
But for some reasons I didnt use Volumio for nearly a month.
An hour ago I began to use again. Then saw this infinite loop of circling looping dots.

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If you could login with ssh to Volumio and paste the error part of

sudo journalctl -f

You will see when it fails, paste just this part