Howto connect monitor locally (via Raspberry Pi2 HDMI IF)

I can’t access my Raspberry Pi 2 Volumino system via ssh anymore (messed arround with network configs).

How can I get a monitor connected via the HDMI IF on the Raspberry Pi 2?

The one I physically connected does not show any output (blank screen). It should work as I used it recently with the same Pi system and an OSMC installation.

Thanks for any advice!

Volumio doesn’t have any local interface, only a web interface.

I am not even sure if it actually sends any signal on the HDMI interface as it is/can be turned off.

Easiest way to solve your issue, is to overwrite your SD card with a fresh image.

Thanks for your prompt repyl!!

Might be an idea for a further extension. Without this tests and experiments become very cumbersome.


I have a PI connected thru HDMI and even without tweaking /boot/config.txt it does use it during boot time. You can even type commands if you have a keyboard connected to it (I did not tested a bluetooth or radio connection).
The small problem is that the screen is blanked after X minutes and if you don’t have a keyboard it won’t turn on again. It took 30 seconds to find the answer on how to disable console blanking: (not tested, I’m at work and the PI is at home).

If you have the PI connected thru an A/V amplifier (Denon AVR-1911 for me), you must change the /boot/config.txt to force the HDMI output to a resolution the TV wants. I’ll post the values I have this evening.

See this older post on HDMI (with audio)