How to use touch screen with volumio raspi

I would like to use a raspberry pi 4 with volumio on the touch screen 7inch it works fine hdmi in put a usb touch and power
any one know how to setup this up so l can control volumio
with the touch screen.

This is a community forum, for support specifically with myVolumio, email techsupport at volumio dot org!

what is your screen ?
touch display plugin will help you.
i asked @gvolt he can help you with most of the screens.

As @dvo already pointed out, we need information what screen you are using.

So as a first step post the brand and exact model name of the screen, please.

Hi thank for asking l got it to work with my touch screen seven inch and volumio
But could not get any sound from dac amplifier suptronic x400
This was on a raspberry pi 4 but have had no joy in getting the right settings for the sound to work.must be picking the wrong amplifier in the setting .

I had to login on pi 7inch screen volumio volumio and had it up on the PC.
as it easier to configure on the larger screen.
Good Luck

Have you tried to select the Dac Sta400? As far as I know, it is the same base Pcm5122.