How to use play/Seek with Node-red/Volumio websocket api

HI, I’ve been struggling to format a message using node-red-contrib-volumio to enable seek (play + position). All other message functions work. I have googled this to death over 2 years and tried various seek message make up. It appears the Volumio websocket API supports ‘seek’ as a basic playback function WebSocket APIs - Volumio Documentation. Node-red-volumio can build messages where a push event is defined (as it does not recognise seek natively) and i just can’t work it out. maxill1/node-red-contrib-volumio: a websocket client to connect and control volumio2 in node-red ( I would like to retain node red, however happy to use websocket/ as alternative to Volumio websocket if someone can give me a pointer. My experience is limited and i’ve relied on common sense and modifying others examples. Thanks in advance