How to use Creative BT-W3 with Edifier speakers

Newbie here. First time using Volumio and Bluetooth speakers.

Knowing that the built-in BT in R Pi is no good, I have plugged in a Creative BT-W3 USB dongle as the BT transmitter into my R Pi 4B USB port.

During the Volumio setup, it is able to detect Creative BT-W3 as the audio output device.

However, I am not sure how to pair the dongle with the Edifier S2000 speakers. I follow the instructions from both Creative and Edifier - put both the speaker and the dongle in the pairing mode. But not seeing them paired.

I ssh to the R Pi, and I can see the dongle. I also use command bluetoothctl to manually connect and pair the Pi with the speakers. it is successful. However, I think this actually uses the built-in BT not the dongle.

So help needed : how to pair the speaker with the BT dongle ?
(not sure this is the right place to ask this question though, just hoping that if someone can shed some light if setup before)

many thanks !

I saw this error message, not sure how to fix it:

systemctl status bluetooth
Nov 17 03:51:04 edifier-2000mkiii-living-room bluetoothd[710]: a2dp-sink profile connect failed for 0C:AE

Volumio doesn’t support BT speakers, however there is a plugin in Beta:

Please use that topic.