How to tag/order albums with multiple discs?

So for examle I have the deluxe version of the album Philharmonics by Agnes Obel and it has 2 physical discs. So I ripped them and put them both in a folder in the album folder. So I have an album folder with a Disc 1 and Disc 2 folder. Now in Volumio these show up as 2 albums instead of 1, probably because of the numbering as both discs start counting from 1. Is there an easy way to make it show up as 1 album or would I need to retag them and put them in 1 album folder?

What I’ve been doing is

The CD 1 songs are numbered either
101 Firstsong.flac or 01 Firstsong.flac
102 Secondsong.flac or 02 Secondsong.flac
and so on till the last on CD 1

The CD 2 songs are in the same Albumname folder
201 Firstsong.flac
202 Secondsong.flac
and so on till the last on CD 2

Also, I noticed a couple of multi CDs were showing up as two separate albums in the Albums listing as CD 1 and CD 2 due to the files having those descriptors in the Album field.
Walk Out To Winter - The Best Of Aztec Camera CD 1
Walk Out To Winter - The Best Of Aztec Camera CD 2

Stripping the Album field back to Walk Out To Winter - The Best Of Aztec Camera in all files resolved that nuisance.

Do you use any program to tag the files? I strongly recommend mp3tag, it’s an amazing program. What I would do:

-rip and save in a single folder both discs
-open mp3tag and select this folder
-then in Tools, select “Discogs Artist + Album”. Enter manually the artist name and album name
-you will see many results, choose the one which belongs to that release (in case it’s a deluxe edition, etc)

It should add a category called “disc” in the file tag with the appropriate disc number.

I just downloaded and used that program yesterday, it’s very helpful to be able to grab a whole directory full of files and correct an error in tags or syntax.

Here how i do for this :

Artist folder > 
     Album Folder > 
          CD1 folder > 
               tracks cd1
          CD2 folder > 
               tracks cd2
          CD3 folder > 
               tracks cd3

Now you tag your music files with a software (i use picard) … and then you setup DISCNUMBER
Where you put the disc number 01 for disc 1 02 for disc 2…


Where you put the total disc number of this album I.E 03 for all

Rebuild library on volumio and then you have in album tab 1 folder for the whole 3 CDs show all songs sorted by disc number