How to stream Movies, Fotos, Youtube with Volumio on RaspPI?

Hello everybody!
Just got my parcel with my brand new RaspPI today. I do love Hifi so I’d like to use Volumio on my Raspberry, connected to my Cambridge DAC Magic.
However, occasionally I also would like to stream a movie from my NAS via the RaspPI or watch some Fotos from my NAS. I also miss my album covers in the Volumio GUI.
So my question: Can I use Volumio as the OS on the Raspberry and additionally install a mulit media player like XBMC?
Do I have to install the player on the Raspberry or on my Remote control device (Android smart phone)?
If I can’t do so - can I install two OS on the RaspPI, Volumio and OpenElec (select between both during booting)?

Many thanks, guys!
I highly appreciate any help.

perfect_day, the newby

Quick answer. YES. Search berryboot. Install Openelec and then volumio. Image for berryboot of volumio is here in forum. Search

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