How to start radio playback after boot?

I just upgraded my older Volumio version to the latest one (had to flash the SD card). All went fine except that I forgot how I did it last time so the last radio station (webradio) starts playing automatically after reboot. I have tried to add the following to the /etc/rc.local file but it doesn’t work:

(sleep 25; mpc volume 100; mpc play )&

Any ideas?


do you have something in MPD’s queue after booting?
If so, I think it could work. However, MPD’s queue and playstate is not reflected in volumio’s UI if you talk to MPD directly using mpc.

You can replace “mpc” with “volumio” in your command and it should still work (provided that there is something in the queue still). Volumio2 has its own CLI: … ine_Client

I have not implemented an autoplay feature yet but I’d be very interested in it if you get it up and running

I’ve created a feature suggestion a while back for this: configure-autoplay-playlist-webradio-startup-t4851.html