How to sort titles alphabetically and how to use M3U playlists

I am using Volumio 3.512 on a Raspberry 4 with the official 7" touch display and the Audiophonics Digipi+AES interface as standalone player.
It works very good and the sound is excellent.
My large collection is oranized in alphabetical folders and then in artist folders. The MP3 and FLAC files all have ID3 tags and are named by the title.

I have 2 issues with volumio, I didn’t get solved yet:

  1. Sorting by title
    When I acces the files via the music library, I can use the structure of the folders as expected. Unfortunately I’m not happy with the order, the titles are displayed in volumio, as they are sorted by album name and title number. Are there any settings to sort them alphabetically by the title name like I used to? Even my first car audio MP3 player, the Delphi Grundig HDD30 from the year 2003 and my DJ software sort by default in this order.

  2. M3U and M3U8 playlists
    For each album I have a seperate M3U or M3U8 playlist in the artist folder. In Volumio they are display in the artist folders below the music files as expected. Unfortunately only the first playlist can be played, even if I select one of the other playlists in the folder.

I would be grateful for solutions.