How to share Volumio USB drive ???

Is there a way to share a Volumio USB drive on the network, specifically to a Mac? I’d love to be able to more easily move music files to the drive. Thanks.


Mac ain’t my backyard !

On the Windows side I connect to
\{VolumioSambaShareName} or {IpAdress}\usb{MapName}
for example \\usb\TOSHIBA_

or just browse the “Network”

Thanks for the help:

The best luck I’ve had so far is using the “connect to server” area of Finder. I use the address smb:// and I get as far as where it asks for my user id and password. I enter volumio:volumio but I get rejected. I have a fresh install of the newest version.

Thanks again.

Aren’t there a choice “connect as guest” ?

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Logging on as guest allows me to see the USB folder but doesn’t allow me to open it. Thanks.

Maybe what I want to do isn’t possible. I’ve made connections using SFTP in the past but volumio:volumio doesn’t work anymore on that either. The SFTP was slow and I’d prefer a more direct way. Getting off my butt and moving the drive from the RPi to the Mac still works though. Sometimes I just update the library when I plug it back in and sometimes the system just rebuilds it - also slow.

I’m sure most user have their own pet upgrades they’d like to see implemented and mine is the ability to easily access an attached USB storage device.