How to share Volumio on Social Media

[color=# High volumio users I was wondering if anybody out there knows how you can share music that you’re listening to on volumio through social media for example Facebook Twitter Etc/color]

Thanks for sharing, very useful

It was? Okay, glad to know. Thank you.

No problem glad it was of help to you.

@ZoeSanderson First of all, hello Zoe, and welcome to the Volumio Community.

@JoeVolumio Did you come up with a satisfactory answer to your original question? No ideas personally, as I am a social media ‘luddite’ (apart from whatsapp & reddit).

You’re going to have to use a Wi-Fi dongle connected to the Raspberry Pi 2 because they don’t have Wi-Fi on board.
You should be able to set up your streamer on Raspberry Pi 2 and access it from anywhere on the web.

You can stream from your own cloud if you add the share to volumio. You can use webdav for this but it is not supported out of the box. I’ve been playing with this for awhile now but I keep messing up my fstab auto mount corrupting the boot process…
But that would be a completely different topic than this one, you would be better off making a new one.

@JoeVolumio seems to want a what’s playing feed on social media. Could possibly be done using the player state from the api.