How to safely switch on (and off) Volumio rasberry based?

Hi everyone, have you ever implemented some hardware system to switch on volumio installed on a raspberry board after a system shutdown?
I would like not to unplug and than replug power cable any time i want turn it on… and i would not even like to let it run h24/7.


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easiest way is to add a reset switch, using the hard reset as soft reset will not work if you have shutdown the rPi.

And a combined power/soft reset switch:
(You still need a hard reset switch to start the rPi again)

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I really do not know what’s better…
Keep running for the SD card?
Switching on/off for the CPU?
I have chosen the first option for me. But when starting a new (Volumio) hearing session I do a soft new start.

I use the Argon ONE case. No room for HATs or displays but it suits me. I can turn the unit on and off via the push button but, usually I turn it on via the push button and off via the browser.

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I found this overview useful Warm and Cold Reboots of the Raspberry Pi

I use a remote IP smart plug to turn the power supply off and then on again. Of course, you must first shut the Pi down from the web or ssh interface. I got this one on Amazon for under $10.



I’m using a Nanomesher Pi Power switch.

I modified it to switch off also the linear power supply used to power the Pi.

A constant voltage is however necessary on the board to power the nanomesher board, but it can be done through a AC/DC regulator, that would consume quite low power.

I just connected a push botton to GPIO 3 and GND as start button. And to turn off, I use the app (most of the time it is running).
GPIO3 is also used by the I2S bus, so some manufacturers of HATs (Hifiberry) advice to not do this, but you only push to boot, so in practice it works like a charm!

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Hi, this is quite similar to the one i’m trying to use (RemotePI … with no success).
Is it “plug and play” or am i supposed to make some kind of manual modifications to volumio parameters?
I would like to use it with a HAT DAC IQAudio Pro. Do you know if i could have problems in doing this?

I also use the Argon one. Although my Allo Digione is exposed it sits firmly on the header with all the outputs facing the rear.

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I use the Witty Mini board from UUGear to switch on/off my Pi streamer.

Instructions of how to modify Volumo to do a soft shutdown, before the hard one, are there.

Or try its bigger brother, the Witty.

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I use an ATXRASPI from LowPowerLabs, and I’ve had it for about 3 years without any trouble. I would recommend it and it’s an inexpensive solution.

Apologies for bumping the thread up. I use raspberry with pi2aes, which means there is no place to attach a hardware button. When a software power button is pressed via Volumio web UI, is there still a way to send a software command to raspberry to completely shut it down?

No, looking at your reply, you have a rPi4 or older one.
There is no complete shutdown available except pulling the power plug after a software shutdown.

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Thanks! Is there a way to create an API call or simply a shortcut to shutdown the Volumio from any place without accessing the UI?

Please elaborate, like with a remote control or…?
As you still need to execute a script or something.
Take look here:

Currently, to shut down the Volumio, I have to access its WebUI and press a power button. Any way to send a curl request or something similar without accessing the WebUI?

You can call it via the websocket.

Nice, thanks. Do I need to enable a WebSocket connection somehow? I couldn’t connect using ws://volumio.local/ or its IP. BTW, how do I get the port number?

Maybe it’s an easier way to just call a shutdown script from an external device?

built a bash script:

cd ~


sudo shutdown now 

CTRL+o => Enter => CTRL+x

chmod 755

call the script:

ssh volumio@ip-address <<'ENDSSH'
<path to script>/
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