How to rename a multiroom device?

I just set up 3 Raspberry Pi Zeros using the normal wifi-based setup and leaving all the defaults. Each pi is working and accessible by going to volumio.local and then switching between them in the Multiroom Devices section. The default names given by the setup process are “VOLUMIO”, “VOLUMIO #2”, and “VOLUMIO-3”. How do I change these so that they better reflect the room they are serving? I checked in the settings menus but couldn’t find anything that works.

I might have the wrong end of the stick but take a look in system.

Nope, changing the name in the System preferences doesn’t seem to change the name in the Multiroom Devices area. Anyone else have any thoughts?

Restart your Volumios
Reload the page in your browser

Access your Volumios with Ip address, then with VolumioName.local

That worked! (mostly). Thanks!

I’m still not able to access them via machine name. For example, I named one VOLUMIO-85 but going to volumio-85.local give me a “This site can’t be reached” DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error.