How to read music from an usb volume in DAS

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.834
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3+
DAC: no dac

It should be simple but I can’t find doc about it.

I have a usb disque in EXT4 mounted on /dev/sda1 which I can acces in Volumio system.
How to get it as a source of music in volumio ?
“Settings > Sources > MyMusic > Update or scan” give nothing
“Add new drive” just propose network drive share

The dashboard cannot see my music in that disc.

You’d probably do better with your USB drive formatted as FAT32.

Are you sure ? Volumio do no accept EXT4 volumes ? :astonished:
Since Volumio is an *nux OS i though EXT4 was ok (and it is mounted).
You right about one thing : i need to test with other file format…
I thoughed it was so obvious it will take the EXT4 that I din’t test others.

Yes, you should use FAT32.