How to play volumio on Sonos or Chromecast?

I am a newbie here, and please forgive me if i post an already discussed topic.
My problem is that i cannot cast music to my Sonos or Chromecasts devices. They are quietly listed between the available devices, but everytime i try to cast music to one of them, the player restart and no music is played in the choosen device. Maybe do i need a plugin to use them. More near the devices name i have a blank icon with “cover image” written above.
My system include a raspberry pi3b with an Innomaker DAC. The music through the headphones is really quite good, but i want to use also all y other devices.
Please help me…

Hi Maurizio,
we will need to check what happens in your system.

To allow us to help, please:


Thanks for the reply… here is the link i got:

Maurizio, what your MyVolumio account plan? Premium, Virtuoso or free?

Actually i think is Premium with 15 days free

Can you confirm? Is your device activated?

Yes, i confirm… Here is the screenshot:

Just hide your mail from the screenshot, to avoid people start spamming you.

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Yes, you’re right… :shushing_face:

Have you tried with pressing the green Play button and does it redirect to your device?

Yes, it leads to the Now Playing screen

Maurizio, we are checking as we speak

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Good news… after updating to latest release of Volumio i can cast to every device listed!!!
Was this a bug of the previous release or what?
EDIT: After some minutes Volumio stopped to cast… Actual situation is similar to the beginning of this thread. Very strange…
This is the log:

Any news? I still have a lot of problems casting from volumio to any of my devices…
Sometime they work and then stopped to work…
Actually i can hear music only from my headphone connected to the rPi.

Hi Maurizio, by analyzing your logs we see that the SONOS device you try to cast to fails with an error after a while:

error: MRS: Error starting sonos device: uuid:RINCON_B8E937D32D5601400:Error: upnp: statusCode 500 & upnpErrorCode s:ClientUPnPError800

We noticed this error previously on the italian router used by wind, is this the router you have?

Can you confirm?

No, i have Fritzbox 7590 and Vodafone as provider. I also noticed my SONOS devices randomly go off without any reason, but i don’t think this is the culprit of my problems as also chromecast devices do not work with volumio casting.

Sorry, but i still do not have chromecast and sonos devices recognizable by Volumio. Actually i cannot any of those devices in the list of players…

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